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In today’s busy and hectic lifestyle, many adults suffer from neck pain. A neck injury is extremely common among office workers who spend many hours sitting in front of their computers. Painkillers can help to relieve the pain

but Neck Injury treatment for neck paindo not tackle the underlying issue causing your neck pain. A Dallas team of health professionals using chiropractic treatment, injection therapy and physical therapies rehab can help relieve chronic neck pain with natural, safe and drug-free treatments.

Sitting for many hours can tire the neck muscles causing neck injury and chronic neck pain. If the upper body is not held by the surrounding muscles, the vertebrae can move out of position and affect the spinal nerves. The irritated, compressed nerves react by transmitting pain messages. The condition can be worsened when emotional stress produces pressure in the neck muscles.

Symptoms can vary from mild pain to severe, piercing pains. Neck pain is often accompanied by backaches or migraines & headaches. Neck and shoulder muscles frequently feel hard and tense. The stiffness can hinder head movement. A nerve around the neck region may also cause numbness or a tingling sensation in the arm.

First, patients are thoroughly assessed. The health care professional will ask neck pain patients about their symptoms and medical history before performing the initial physical test. They will then carry out a number of orthopedic and neurological tests. X-rays and sometimes MRI scans are utilized to diagnose suspected conditions in the upper body.

Spinal adjustments are beneficial for people with neck conditions. The professional will gradually restore the spine Neck Injury causes chronic neck painto the proper position, releasing compressed nerves. Discomfort will ease naturally as the body heals. Various massage options are used to ease neck stiffness, release tense muscles and enhance head movement.

Our pain management specialist will use other non-invasive treatments based on your individual needs. Trigger point injections may be used to reduce pain and inflammation, ease pain and speed up the healing process. Physical exercises can be used to improve strength and flexibility around the neck region.

We specialize in spine alignment, but are also proficient in nutrition, diet and exercise education. They are knowledgeable about healthy lifestyle changes, and they can recommend effective changes that can accelerate the recovery process.

With proper professional assistance with your neck injury, you can become neck pain free within a short period of time. This type of care can help ease neck pain safely and naturally and allow you to get back to living a healthy and more comfortable life.