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Sciatica is characterized by a pain that appears in the low back and that can travel into one or even both legs. The pain felt can be from minimal to severe and from occasional to frequent or constant. Sciatica sciatic nerve is part of the nervous systemis actually a symptom and not a disorder, for a herniated disc.

After an initial consultation and then diagnosis of your Sciatica condition, a treatment plan may be recommended. Our main goal of this treatment plan is to restore and/or enhance joint function and reduce pain. Spinal manipulation means that we will apply a manual maneuver during which a three joint complex will be realigned. This technique implies manipulating, adjusting to the spine and the tissue.

Spinal decompression therapy implies stretching and relaxing the spine, intermittently, in a controlled manner, using a special traction table, in order to release the pain in the back area and/or the legs. This procedure is also called non-surgical decompression. SciaticaDuring the procedure of decompression you will not feel any pain, just stretching. This is a practice which has primary benefits of retraction or repositioning of herniated disc material or decreasing inflammation. So, we can assure that you will receive the best treatment possible and that our aim, through whatever procedure may suit your needs, is to help you and advise you.

At Dallas Pain and Wellness, we have many years of experience in treating sciatica and other conditions at our Dallas clinic.  In addition to providing treatments at our facility, we can offer information for you concerning what the body needs from a nutrition and overall wellness standpoint, such as blood panels, exercise, food and nutrition supplements, to be able to resume and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Give us a call at (972) 215-7934 to schedule an exam so you can discuss your situation and possible options for treatment of issues related to your sciatica.