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Auto Accident

Have you been injured in a vehicle accident or another mishap at work or at your home or a place of business? Give us a call at (214) 699-4013 today to schedule an exam with an experienced Dallas Auto Accident Doctor.

Auto Accident InjuryMedical bills for an injury can be very costly, so we accept all forms of health insurance and accident injury claims. We also have affordable rates and payment plans for those without insurance or to satisfy your deductible with your insurance provider. If you need to file an accident injury claim with your insurance company, rest assured that our medical professionals understand the process and will file the necessary documentation on your behalf. Our team is one of the best around, and we specialize in the following claims:

  • Auto Accident Injury Claim
  • 18 Wheeler Accident Injury Claim
  • Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim
  • Work Accident Injury Claims
  • Slip & Fall Accident Injury Claims
  • Construction Accident Injury Claims
  • Water Park Accident Injury Claims
  • Theme Park Accident Injury Claims
  • Mass Transit Accident Injury Claim

Call (214) 699-4013 To File Your Insurance Claim & Schedule Your Exam With Digital Xray

At Dallas Pain and Wellness, our advanced medical treatments which includes chiropractic care will help you through any injury or accident with the best affordable care in the DFW area.  Accidents happen, whether they be an auto accident, sports related, or other serious injuries. We’ll be there to treat any chronic pain in joints, back injury, neck injury like whiplash, elbow injury, knee injury, shoulder pain or lower back injuries slipped disc, herniated disc or bulging disc that are suffered as a result. We will begin with an initial screening to assess the nature and severity of the injuries, recommend a treatment plan based on the results of the screening, and also recommend treatments and activities that you can perform on your own to aid in your physical rehabilitation.  We will also be there for any questions you have or advice you need on the process, your insurance, and (most importantly) your health.

Any accident that causes an injury, even whiplash from an auto accident or a boating accident is serious, especially if children were involved.  Children may not recognize typical symptoms such as whiplash and may ignore pain in their lower back, which could lead to complicated spinal health problems that can linger for years. We always suggest that children involved in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, sports injuries, serious playground accidents or gymnastic accidents should seek proper treatment immediately.

If you or anyone in your family, including any children were involved in an auto accident, call us at (214) 699-4013 today to schedule an exam & digital xray.