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If you are struggling with a sustained injury or pain in the back, neck, ankle, knee or shoulder areas, you should call (214) 699-4013 to schedule an exam with one of our Dallas Doctors. Our work is natural, gentle, and non-surgical treatment, making your recovery smoother and more complete. It is our goal for you to have as little pain as possible, while regaining your full range of motion.

When deciding on how to treat a patient, the most important thing that we do is to find and diagnose the cause of the pain. This is crucial because it tells us exactly what we need to do to correct the problem. We offer treatments for the following conditions:

Our practice at Dallas Pain and Wellness has grown considerably in the last few years, and much of that is because we seek to correct problems our patients are experiencing at their source. Traditional medicine is designed to treat a disease once it occurs. If you are suffering from pain, you alleviate it. Physical Medicine and Chiropractic care is unique because, while it does treat your existing condition, it also fortifies your body and your recovery also becomes a preventative measure. Not only do you get rid of the pain, but you significantly lessen its chances of cropping up again.

If you are unsure of the source of your pain, or if you do not see your condition listed here, we encourage you to come in and schedule an exam with a Dallas Chiropractor. There is a good chance that we will be able to help you, and if we can’t then we can refer you to someone who can. To schedule an appointment, call us at (214) 699-4013 or fill out the form to the right and we will be in contact shortly. We accept most health insurance and insurance claims, and offer reasonable fees to patients without insurance.  Call or stop in today so we can start you on a natural road to recovery.

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