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Chronic Pain

Our Physical Medicine and Chiropractic Care Is An Affordable Non Surgical Alternative For Treating Chronic Pain

Lots of people suffer from aches and pains nowadays. Some patients seek Medical help while others believe that their pain is harmless and will disappear over time. In case you have unsuccessfully tried other ways of treating your back pain, visiting our Multi-disciplinary office may be the solution that you need to eliminate your pain. Physical Medicine and Chiropractic care is an area of health care that supports the body structure while improving the functioning of various parts of the body. We will help align your body to ease your discomfort and help the affected areas to recover.

Trigger point therapy is another option in our office used to treat various muscles, including those in the neck, lower back, legs and arms. A Trigger point is a knot just like the ones your Massage Therapist finds. The stubborn ones can be injected near painlessly and alleviated in just a few treatments. Moreover, this form of treatment can be used to manage tension migraines & headaches and fibromyalgia. This treatment approach can also be effective when used to treat myofascial pain syndrome patients who do not respond to other therapies.

The main principle of this care is typically spine manipulation, muscle rehab and joint bracing. Your spine is a vital part of the body that supports the spinal cord and also enables the upper body to move. If these joints are improperly aligned, it can greatly affect functioning of the nerves leaving the spine. We can help target any disturbances around the spine by realigning your joints manually without the use of surgery. This procedure is known as Chiropractic adjustment.

While the basis of care and treatment is usually spinal alignment and muscle rehab, specialists also provide a number of other pain treatment options, including trigger point injection therapy, joint injections for knees, shoulders, elbows, hips, SI (sacroliliac) joints, carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis manual therapies, ergonomic training, nutritional advice, workout education and ultrasound therapies. Moreover, they work alongside primary health care providers, pain therapists and surgeons in order to provide the right treatment for individuals suffering from various conditions.

During an adjustment, a pain management specialist will place you in a particular position to treat a specific area. Your care provider will manually apply pressure to the affected joint.  Cracking or popping sounds may be heard as the specialist pushes the joints or a gentle machine can be used as well.  Spinal manipulation is usually done to one or more joint as the parts next to it are held firmly.

Chiropractic care is based on the idea that suitable spinal alignment can allow your body to heal itself. Patients normally contact their clinician in order to be “adjusted”, i.e. to ease pain. Others who can benefit from this type of care are those suffering from joint pain, headache, back pain, chronic tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and sprains as well as non-musculoskeletal complaints such as asthma, allergic reactions and digestive disorder.

Other common causes of chronic pain can be slipped disc, herniated disc or bulging disc