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Physical Medicine after failed surgery

Back, spine or joint surgery including knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hip are sensitive procedures, so there are bound to be cases of failed surgery in some patients. Patients suffering from failed back or joint surgery may experience significant pain. This is where we come in as a leader in Dallas Physical Medicine to ease pain. Although patients are advised to seek Physical Medicine before surgery, patients with failed back or joint surgery can still get help.

Failed back or joint surgery can come in many forms and it is our priority to manage pain while at the same time offering patients comfort. Pain can occur when an implant on the back is wrongly positioned which puts a lot of pressure on the back, thus becoming a source of pain, or a joint that just did not heal properly. We can assist you in pain management by using specific pressure techniques on the affected area.

Lumbar stabilization, knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, wrist or scoliosis braces may also be an option that will be recommended as part of your treatment program. These are special braces we give patients to help in managing chronic pain in patients who are constantly in pain. They can be worn when a patient is still working. Braces are typically a short term pain management option. If the pain is manageable or no longer present, the patient can remove the braces and continue living more comfortably.

The main reason why we provide our services to patients who have undergone failed back, spine or joint surgery is to restore hope to those who may have felt all hope was lost. We do this in two primary ways: first, we help to manage the pain by recommending a complete program tailored to the patient’s unique situation, and secondly, we restore hope to patients by working to improve mobility and range of motion. We don’t promise to eliminate pain completely after a failed back or joint surgery, but we will make every effort to make your life as comfortable as possible.

Physical Medicine and treatment should be performed by an expert who has been trained and well qualified for the job. At our clinic we have qualified experts experienced and skilled for care and treatment. Call or stop in today to arrange for an initial consultation.