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Chiropractic Care treatment is a natural method of relieving pain and reducing inflammation for people suffering from a condition known as tendonitis. This is a common problem that occurs when a tendon’s range of motion is interfered with, thereby causing pain and inflammation.

When a tendon’s range of motion is impaired for one reason or the other, it becomes inflamed, and starts causing pain. The tendons play a major part in body movement. This structure connects the bones to the muscles and facilitates mobility. Muscles facilitate tendonitismobility by pulling on bones. When this happens, the tendon spreads the force needed for movement to occur. However, if a tendon is inflamed, the normal movement of the tendon is interrupted, leading to pain and further inflammation.

There are many reasons why a tendon can suffer inflammation. Sports injuries and overuse injuries are the major risks, mainly because of the repetitive nature of various sporting activities. Sedentary workers can also suffer the condition due to repetitive tasks like typing. In certain cases, starting a new activity or exercise can inflame the tendons or worsen the condition. The tendons can also lose flexibility with age. Individuals who are above the age of 40 years are more susceptible to tendonitis.

Pain and limited movement are the common characteristics of tendon inflammation. Those affected by it can find it difficult to move the affected body part. This can hinder one’s attempts to take part in sporting activities and may also reduce one’s ability to carry out regular day to day activities. Patients may also experience a burning sensation, swelling and discomfort if the tendon is put under pressure, for example when lifting heavy objects. Fortunately, Regenerative Medicine and chiropractic care can help relieve pain and the associated symptoms

Chiropractic care uses spinal manipulation to reduce pain and inflammation. By aligning your spine, a professional tendonitiscan help tackle inflammation for optimal mobility. Through a controlled force to certain joints, this type of treatment can help restore comfortable movement. Once normal mobility resumes, it becomes possible to further reduce pain and inflammation.

As professional health care providers, we can help reduce your discomfort by determining the exact cause of your pain and detecting what tendon or muscle is attached to the affected area. In many cases, the best way to treat pain is to eliminate the symptoms from the problem area.

If you are not experiencing relief from pain and inflammation due to possible symptoms of tendonitis, we recommend that you consider seeking Physical Medicine care. We will examine your medical history and carry out a careful physical examination to determine the best treatment technique for you. We are dedicated to offering the best Dallas Physical Medicine and Chiropractic services that suit your individual needs, so be sure to give us a call to set up an initial exam today.