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BOTOX® Cosmetic is a positive and self-rewarding cosmetic procedure, designed to give you smoother-looking skin and a more appealing appearance. It is a natural purified protein, injected into designated areas to improve the facial skin.

Dallas Botox Treatments

Botox in Dallas

“Laugh lines” (around the mouth)

If you’re ready to erase those laugh lines and other facial creases, you have several options.

Your doctor will assess the depth of the lines and the overall health of your skin and facial features.

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“Crow’s feet” (outer corner of the eyes)

Crows feet form after years of repetitive muscle retractions like smiling and squinting that literally stretch and etch the folds into area around the eyes.

Our team of nurses and doctors will tailor your result, depending on what you want to achieve.

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Botox - Deep Wrinkles

Deep wrinkles and “worry lines”

Botox is commonly used to treat areas in the upper part of the face, these treatments can combat both fine lines and also deep wrinkles

Wrinkle Relaxing injections have been used to treat millions of patients worldwide.

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Botox - Sagging Facial Features (Cheek, Brow, Chin)

Sagging Facial Features (Cheek, Brow, Chin)

At some point in the late 30’s to mid 40’s, most of us look in the mirror and see an image that doesn’t quite resemble the face we knew during our youth.

In addition to bony changes, there are significant changes in the fat and skin as well.

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How Does Botox Work?

The muscles of our face are responsible for facial expressions like frowning and smiling. As we age, the repeated contractions of these muscles along with other changes in the skin, result in the wrinkles that we see. When Botox® Cosmetic is injected into a muscle, that specific muscle relaxes and becomes unable to contract temporarily for 4-6 months, thereby eliminating its pull on the skin and softening the wrinkles over this muscle

With continued treatments of Botox® Cosmetic, new wrinkle formation is also prevented as repetitive muscle contractions which deepen facial lines over time are blocked. Aside from being an anti-aging treatment reducing wrinkles, Botox® Cosmetic can be used to reshape and rejuvenate facial features by altering the balance of muscles. An example of this is lifting the eyebrow or the corners of the mouth.

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