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Joint Fluid Therapy

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Joint Pain can hinder you from enjoying even the simplest of life’s pleasures, such as taking part in your favorite leisure activity or going on a trip. At our Dallas Joint Fluid Therapy clinic, we will utilize the most effective treatments for your knee injury. Also referred to as visco-supplementation, joint fluid therapy is a safe and effective treatment approach that has been offering pain relief for many years now. Many patients have benefited from this therapy and have since returned to their normal lifestyles.

Joint Fluid TherapyWhile drugs and supplements can reduce pain and swelling, they will only postpone knee surgery. Many medical professionals recommend joint fluid therapy to patients who are finding it hard to find relief from simple painkillers or even physical therapy. Visco-supplementation basically refers to the replacement of healthy joint lubricants. Its goal is to increase joint lubrication and cushioning while easing the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.

The major problem with osteoarthritis is usually the articular cartilage degeneration. Articular cartilage is the smooth layer where the leg bones connect to create the knee joints. This cartilage allows the knee joints to move by reducing friction and acting as a shock absorber. Once this cartilage begins to deteriorate, it leads to pain, which reduces the joint function.

The articular cartilage is made slippery by the synovial fluid (joint fluid), which is produced by the joint lining known as the synovial membrane. Joint or synovial fluid is kept in the joint capsule, which is a soft tissue around the joint. Another important part of the joint fluid is the so-called hyaluronic acid, which aids in the collection and maintenance of water in the joints, thereby reducing friction and enhancing friction. Joint therapy is effective because it aims at replacing the declining amount of hyaluronic acid in the joints.

Usually, we carry out a number of hyaluronic acid injections into the precise synovial part of the knees. These injections are given on a regular basis to ensure maximum benefits. The pain will ease over time and patients often find it helpful to undergo the same procedure after six months.

During your first exam, we will assess your current condition and then determine whether joint therapy is the best treatment option for your pain. Our team of professional care specialists have earned a great reputation in the industry for serving our patients with dedication while providing quality treatments, including visco-supplementation. With our extensive experience and commitment to offering excellent services, you can rest assured that you will be provided with the right treatment plan for your specific needs. To schedule an exam, give us a call at (214) 699-4013 and discover how we can relieve your knee pain with joint fluid therapy.