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Physical TherapyPhysical rehabilitation can help manage neck pain and back pain, chronic knee pain. Physical medicine helps patients to exercise weaker areas while exercise rehabilitation helps to strengthen those particular areas. Each physical rehab plan is tailored to an individual patient’s problems while keeping the pain and weakness levels in mind. Proper exercises for each patient can help make a huge difference between severe pain and total body health.

RehabilitationWe have helped thousands of patients achieve proper pain relief through physical exercises and therapy. A care provider will first discuss your condition with you to determine how best you can benefit from our care. During the initial exam, we will determine the right treatment option for you and determine whether you are the right candidate for physical rehab. We will use the latest techniques in the industry to identify the underlying cause of your pain and to develop a personalized treatment program to meet your specific needs.

We are happy to help you achieve a fulfilling life and even exceed your expectations within a reasonable period of time. We will also monitor your progress and then re-evaluate and adjust your treatment plan where necessary in order to achieve the desired results within the shortest time possible.

Your treatment plan will be particularly designed to meet your requirements through proven chiropractic techniques such as spinal adjustments, physical rehabilitation and proper exercise regimen. Exercise therapy and rehabilitation is often an integral part of your treatment plan. We will create a set of exercises that will suit your physical needs and capabilities, and help you get back to normal health as soon as possible.

As leading Dallas Physical Rehabilitation Clinic, we are happy to help you feel better and realize your health and wellness goals. Give us a call or stop by today to discover how we can help you manage your pain safely and effectively with no or very minimal use of medication or drugs.