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Trigger Point InjectionsUnexplained pain and limited movement can greatly hinder one’s ability to attend to their daily activities or enjoy their favorite pastimes. Choosing the medical specialist with the proper knowledge and skills can help determine the root cause of your pain and lead to finding effective treatment options. chiropractic are and trigger point therapy are normally beneficial treatments for easing these types of pain.

Some of the most common causes of chronic pain and inflexibility are a sudden, severe muscle overload and recurring motion resulting from inappropriate body mechanics. Some of these cases may not be obvious at the time and hence, they are not identified by the patient as the actual cause of their pain. Other probable causes of unexplained pain and immobility are automobile accidents, direct trauma, illness, infection, radiculopathy, homeostatic imbalance, emotional distress, and health concerns such as smoking or obesity.

Trigger Point Injections may be a great option in easing this type of pain. Trigger point therapy is a procedure that helps to treat the painful muscle parts with knots or triggers points that form whenever muscles are unable to relax. In many cases, such trigger points can be felt under the skin. Such knots may aggravate the nerves surrounding them, thereby resulting in referred pain (pain is felt in a different part of the body).

During the trigger point therapy, our specialist inserts a tiny needle into the knots of the patient. This injection is done with a local anesthetic in order to reduce injection pain while rendering the trigger point dormant and easing pain. In most cases, a short course of treatment can alleviate pain. Injections are administered in our office and typically take just one or two minutes. Multiple sites can be injected in a single visit. The injection procedure is considered effective and safe for almost all cases, with minimal side effects. In addition to providing pain relief, trigger point therapy can also help relax the muscles that may be causing the discomfort, boosting your overall healing process. The surrounding muscles can also be loosened to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Trigger point therapy is usually used to treat various muscles, including those in the neck, lower back, legs and arms. Moreover, this form of treatment can be used to manage tension migraines and headaches and fibromyalgia. This treatment approach can also be effective when used to treat myofascial pain syndrome patients who do not respond to other therapies.

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